My work investigates society in its purest form, there is nothing superficial or utopian in my photographs, I am a documentary artist.
The culture has always inspired me a lot, today living in the United States of America, I see this culture with eyes of reality, the idea of ​​my work is not to show suffering or happiness, I don't care about it, the idea is to bring my vision of society with photography.

Be it on film or digital, I present my work in a few different ways, always focusing on photography printing, I use negative development labs, photography zines, large prints and social networks.
I aim to create photographs that reflect the image in its most realistic form and with a lot of texture, emphasizing my main focus to be documented in the image, the use of black background gives me amazing results between focus, colors, light and texture. I look for in the portraits, an expression, a reading, a story and almost the aroma of the environment.

In my research, I look for places, stories and people looking for a good reason to be documented within what I believe is important to the eyes of society, a shock of raw reality.

My interest is only to express the most basic human emotions.

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